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What it is

Deek is Elegant Madness - part of the New Cool, the Boastfully Annoyed, the Popular Underculture, the Destructive Criticism. Deek is both bane and bastion of youth culture, somehow combining all things smart and dirty, uniting enlightened sensibility with a pornographic world view. Deek is both elegant and mad at once - a unique publication both inside Pittsburgh and on the national market...

And you want Deek. And Deek knows it.

And Deek loves it. And Deek loves you.

Deek doesn't just release monthly issues; Deek creates monthly incidents.

Known for clever, innovative writing and highly artistic, cutting edge design, Deek changes its face and subject matter with each monthly incident, while maintaining a unique voice and feel. And it works like this:

Monthly, Deek focuses on one particular topic. Sometimes Deek is serious and covers topics such as Politics, Greed, Religion and War. Other months, Deek is ill-mannered, flippant and outright ludicrous, covering topics like Celebrity lifestyle, How-To manuals, Nudity, Censorship and general debauchery. Deek is there when you need to laugh. Deek is also there when you want to laugh at yourself for crying in the first place.

Deek covers the surface. Deek also covers the seedy underbelly of culture, regularly reporting on (and chastising) topics of alternative culture in music, film, and performance, while also tackling topics like "Man and woman meet in a bar, get drunk, go home together, pass out, then realize things have gone strange when they wake up the next morning and forget each other's names." Real life issues from a distinct viewpoint - funny, smart, witty, poignant, surprising nuggets of life that make you think.

Deek supports and thrives in artful underculture, graffiti, tattoos, hip-hop, post-indie rock, destruction, reconstruction, experimentation, and imagery to incite the senses.

Deek entertains. Deek informs. And it does it all with an Elegant Madness.

Where it IS

Deek Magazine can be found all over Pittsburgh's metropolitan and outlying suburbanite stomping grounds. Distribution bins line the streets of Pittsburgh in Oakland, Southside, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, the campuses of Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University. Deek is now expanding nationally to distribute in New York City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Morgantown, Erie and Los Angeles .

More and more restaurants, businesses and shops carry Deek by the day. Deek is available at many of the local hangouts like the Beehive Coffeehouse, Kiva Han, Avalon Exchange, Phantom of the Attic, Piper's Pub, Hot Rod Tattoo and nearly any other place that has good food, good beer or good taste.

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