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Deek's constantly increasing presence in shops and restaurants makes it a great opportunity to promote your business to 125,000 print readers per month.

Check our media kit / rate card in Adobe PDF format here.

To support our hometown we offer reduced rates to all Pittsburgh-based businesses. If you're local then you'll want to view this local media kit / rate card.

For any other general questions about advertising hit up

Basic Technical Stuff about the Ads


Please deliver your ads in CMYK or Grayscale format. Spot colors must be converted to CMYK in all documents. Deek prints in CMYK and assumes no responsibility for RGB to CMYK conversion discrepancies; if your ad is black and white, please save it in Grayscale.

If needed, Deek provides design services for all advertisers, without charge. With our designers having organized successful ad campaigns for organizations ranging from Piper's Pub and Avalon Exchange, to WQED, Carnegie Mellon University , and Artist Image Resource, Deek Magazine is committed to working with you to create effective presence. Advertisers wishing to use ads designed by Deek in outside publications are required to pay a $100 release fee for each syndicated ad.

Deek is designed in Adobe InDesign CS, so please submit ads in PDF or EPS format. If you want to produce an ad with InDesign, then include all font files and images in a package of some sort. No TrueType (TT) fonts can be used, so convert them to outlines if you must. Generally, PostScript fonts are the best way to go. Again, make sure you embed them in the files or package them with anything you send.

Image files must be submitted in .TIFF or .EPS format, and should be saved at a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Deek isn't responsible for your ad looking pixelated if you go with a lesser resolution. If submitting an ad in InDesign format, please don't scale the image size. Deek is not responsible for translational errors in scaling. Save your image at the size you want to see it printed.

If you're curious about anything else related to ads, contact our art department at .

Ad Policy

Advertising placement is available on a first-come first serve basis. Premium pages include back cover, inside back cover, inside front cover, page 3 and 5 and features section. Back cover, inside back cover and inside front cover run on full glossy paper and vary from pricing on in-magazine ads. Guaranteed placement of ads is subject to a 15% surcharge on the applicable rate or contract rate. Minimum ad size for placement guarantee is ¼ page. Priority in placement goes to those advertisers placing full page ads.

Any registered not-for-profit organization will receive a 33% discount on in-magazine rates.

Contract rates only apply to advertisements placed in consecutive issues. Discount rates only apply when contract is completed. Deek holds the right to reclaim on losses for breach of contract.

All payments are due within 30 days of completion of contact. An interest charge of 8.5% per month will be added to accounts delinquent past 30 days.

Legal stuff about ads

The publication of any ad is subject to the approval of the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject, edit for content or omit advertising at any time. The liability of Deek for any error for which it may be held legally responsible will not exceed the price of the advertisement.

The advertiser shall assume responsibility and liability for all content, including pictorial and graphical artwork and illustration, or advertisements placed by the advertiser in Deek magazine and shall assume full responsibility for and claims arising there from or made against Deek Magazine, its officers or employees.

Upon placement of any advertisement, the advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold Deek Magazine harmless for any and all expenses or losses, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees, legal judgements or other nonsense incurred by Deek Magazine by reason of any and all claims arising out of publication of any advertisement placed by the advertiser.

For the best viewing results, download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.
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