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Published April 14th 2005

Nova Keenan

Matt Stroud

Nonsense Management:
Nate Bogos

Minister of Propaganda:
Benjamin A. Edwards

Masters of Copy:
Jesse Hicks, Mo Mozuch

Lead Designer:
Doug Crissman

Houston McIntyre, Tricia Handke

Various Aliases and the occasional actual name

Allison Diesel

Artists of Submission:
Jean-Paul Manzanares, Margaret Mary, Dr.G and Klawdya Rothschild, Skye Blue et al.

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We're . still all about parking illegally. It wasn't me, it was lefty and Mr. Bubbles. Jesus built me an aviary and now it's covered with aunts. It could get worse . couldn't it? Pickle breath. Cigarettes make you more sexually appealing. Duuuuude . Shit, my story doesn't beat that. DID YOU KNOW that some day Jesus (and it may be soon) Jesus will [become a hippo]. My friend is a fetus. How can we get the ad of the guy with the MASSIVE COCK!? How do M&Ms have sex? Similar to snakes, who have 2 penises. Would you like to pet my walrus? It's free! Damnit, lepers get to have all the fun. Bacon is so good. 20 foot tall flames of bacon. But man, it was reeeeally good bacon. There's a way to grow bacon. The path to righteousness begins with Christmas lights and talking dolphins. I get the clap when I play basketball. Three armed kids are the most delicious. Dear friends, can you afford to take a chance of missing the glorious rapture. If you wrap 4 rubber bands around a choco-taco, you get an orgasm. Yes, did you know that? Gerard Depardieu is actually a snowman. Potatoes make my VENUS jiggle. Knock knock. Who's there? Rutabaga. What? Yeah. Oh. I impaled a nun on an umbrella and now I owe the new pope $50 . right? Oh. I see your catch rag has expanded. It's because it hurts my arms.

and, obviously, this:

Mediocrity is a sin.
P.O. Box 7502 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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