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Francine Bratwurst

Can’t you just hear her sizzling? A German-style Francine Bratwurst... created from a century-old recipe – Bavarian-style with beer and zip. She comes with two specialty mustards!


Something of a social butterfly, Stroke is a man ahead of his time who survives on the largesse and patronage of the rich and powerful. “I know a lot of very important people and am often received in some of the most famous homes in the country,” said Stroke, “Sir Winston Churchill and many leading politicians have been among my patients.” As a portrait artist, he had members of the Royal Family and politicians sit for him. “Prince Philip, The Duke and Duchess of Kent, and Lord Snowdon have been among my sitters.”

Ralph "Bucky" Ginsborough

“The Buck Monster!” is a frequent contributor and, more importantly, one of Deek’s only staff members willing to share intimate details of his life. He is an illiterate circus freak and a freelance alligator wrestler with a drinking problem. He will not eat anything that has been on the ground more than three days.

Dr. Tim Lahaye

Dr. Tim LaHaye is a noted author, minister, counselor, and nationally recognized speaker on Bible prophecy. Co-author of the Left Behind series, it was LaHaye’s idea to fictionalize an account of the Rapture and the Tribulation. LaHaye is the founder and president of Tim LaHaye Ministries and the founder of the PreTrib Research Center. Currently, LaHaye speaks at many of the major Bible prophecy conferences in the United States and Canada. He has absolutely nothing to do with this issue of Deek Magazine.

Margot List

Margo is white, tall, beautiful and amazing with pecans.

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