Abu Garb

For years the world joked that Americans had no style. The brutality at Abu Ghraib let the secret out with a double-barreled air tactical assault rifle snap!

"We're here, we're obscenely powerful and we're fabulous!" shouted Lindey England's eyes as she gazed into the camera for shot after shot after shot. Her entirely unglamourous breakthrough with the help of photographer Charles Graner propelled and redefined the Dirty American in the world spotlight like wars abroad had only once dreamed of doing.

In expectation of future media fiascos as the Necessary Wars continue, Deek asks that our boys and girls in uniform at least try to dress a little better with those cameras around - knowing fully well our embarassment will be world entertainment.

The original series of photos from the scandal, while being downright horrific, lacked the classiness of American icons like Paris Hilton. We present the following images as a helping hand in achieving a nadir of American character: brutal, violent, carefree and vain.

Together we can build our image - at home and abroad!

Shot by Nate Boguszewski, Styled by Tiffany Boden, Make-up by Anna Niklasson, Faux-quotes by Liz Marklewicz

Brutality to mankind is like cruelty to animals – only no one cares about the victim.

- Alfonzo de Larrimar

The psychology of brutality was almost as good as the beatings.

- Joe Blair

I hate men as only a woman can, only as one who has seen their brutality, their futility, their stupidity.

- Dallas D. Eisensteiner

I see myself capable of arrogance and brutality... And I'm okay with that.

- Georgina Steve

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