Deek Magazine - The Madness Incident

Issue 13

Publisher January 5, 2005

Deek Magazine
popular underculture

Nova Keenan

Matt Stroud

Nonsense management:
Nate Bog(os/uszewski)

Design overlord:
Doug Crissman

Concept impresario:
Houston McIntyre

Minister of Propaganda:
Benjamin A. Edwards

Jesse Hicks

Artists of submission:
Ed Piskor

Writers of submission:
Various Aliases, Zelda Getz, Dr. G, Sam Hamilton, Michael Lapinski, Whitey McGee, Ben’s Dear Mum, Christopher D. Salyers

Sarah Presogna (cover), Miss Maulie Keebler (ribbons)

Ali Nicholson

No apologies.

The content of Deek Magazine is copyright © Deek Magazine L.L.C. 2004, with authors and creators holding individual copyrights to their work where applicable. All rights reserved. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in any form without the prior written authorization of Deek Magazine L.L.C. is prohibited except in accordance with the following: Art (includes all written material, design concepts, illustration, advertising, public relations, et al) turned over to an entity or person in exchange for gifts of sex, drugs, large quantities of money, the transferal of fame, 100 gallons of a non-lethal alcohol, many Skittles, a complete lack of suffering for all, the end of Starbucks, the end of other completely illogically popular or successful entities with no artistic merit or validity, complete honesty and truth dispersed among masses, a coconut, igloo in summer, vast farmlands, a good, honest deal with Satan, death, The Best of anything, a year in a dark room, a gift of hate to the person of our choosing, a record deal for one of us, happiness, the ability to do this forever without strings, Clay Aiken in chains, a sidewalk paved in gold, a treasure in ice, glory with God, a new political system with more options, a hayride on the Atlantic, more than you could imagine, a dream within a nightmare, urine frozen midair, broken knees, ketchup stains on a postcard to the Pope, a rendezvous with Tera Patrick or a mule – whatever, as long as it’s on our terms, forever exclusive, and with our permission. Or without. Who cares.

This time, everyone’s real.

So glad we're not the front weekly

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