By Zelda Getz

“So I arranged to meet Shabir, owner, CEO and product tester for Starr Escorts. I hopped a bus Downtown, and he picked me up in a sleek black sports car. The “interview” was in his shitty little storefront in the Strip District–three private rooms had curtains across the door, and a stereo that got turned up to drown out itinerant moans.”

Love and Lust in the Age of Mechanical Introduction
AdultfriendFinder and the Infinite Sadness

By Jesse Hicks

“AdultFriendFinder, then, is another fascinating beast in the strange menagerie that is the American dating scene. Through the wonders of technology, you can make new friends and bang them hardcore, with just a few clicks of your mouse. (Well, not the banging – not yet, anyway.) You can participate in message boards with like-minded swingers; the Pittsburgh board promises a failed orgy at least once a month, and you’ll thrill to multiple postings of “April 1 gangbang – who’s in?” followed by what seems to be, to the author’s ears anyway, the longest, saddest silence ever captured in text form. And of course there’re the explicit pictures, many with blurred out faces if that’s your thing.”

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